Saturday, April 25, 2020

2020 SMR 14

GREAT weather today - a rare 10 on the DiabloScott Weather Index.

Busy on The Mountain too - 165 people on my FlyBy page  Unfortunately the bugs outnumbered the humans by a factor of several googol. 

Special guest rider Robert.

The winter bike is now on the hooks and my winter riding gear is in the storage drawer.  Also - New Shoes Day!   I gave myself some extra time to get to The Gate so I could make adjustments to my cleats or shifting or whatever but everything was fine. I put the cleats in the totally neutral position and that was just right.  I must have done some maintenance on The Klein just before Foxy's last October because he was dialed in.  Today was some good riding... except did I mention the bugs?

Two knobs - for twice the BLING!

Set adjustment index to ZERO

Good-bye old friends.  The Velcro wasn't sticking to itself anymore.
These were at least 11 years old.
Edit:  I checked my old photos - 2008.

Mike is here for the season!

Robert and I take the same line around Chainbuster.

I only wore this on the way down through the bug cloud, but a lot of people were wearing masks today.

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Mike said...

Rode 100 miles on Saturday - wore my mask the entire time.
(just trying to do the right thing.)

Robert is a pedaling machine!