Saturday, April 11, 2020

2020 SMR 12

I know a lot of you only check my blog to find the current status of the utilities in The Park - so I'll put this bit first.

1. Bathroom at Junction:  OPEN
2. Water fountain at Summit: OPERATIONAL
3. Bathroom at Summit Lower Lot: OPEN
4. Bathroom at Summit Upper Lot: CLOSED

The weather forecast for today was WARM!  It was not warm. It was a little chilly and a lot foggy and it was beautiful riding.  The fog started at about the Washout, then it got thicker and thicker and the visibility at Junction was almost zero. Then about Juniper it cleared up again and we were treated to the kind of vistas that most people can only see in my blog and Hollywood movies.

Only saw two motor vehicles - both official State Park trucks.  There were a lot of bike riders though and the sense of shared joie de vivre was imprinted on all of us.  At Junction there were about 20 bikes... I did an inventory and it seems like disk brake road bikes have over-taken rim brake bikes by quite a margin.  JB and I shook our heads in Luddite disbelief.

Also, the Summit Beacon will be lit every Sunday night for a while, because we're all in this pandemic thing together, and cyclists aren't the only folks who love this Mountain. LINK

WALNUT CREEK, CA—Mount Diablo State Park’s Beacon will be lit after sunset in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Easter Sunday, April 12. Thereafter, until the pandemic crisis is over, the Beacon will be lit every Sunday after sunset and shine brightly until sunrise the next day.
Ted Clement, Executive Director of Save Mount Diablo, stated, “Lighting the Beacon every Sunday is a way to honor our heroes in this global pandemic struggle, to pay our respects to the dead and those suffering, to lift our eyes to higher ground and the light and be reminded of the healing power of nature and our Mount Diablo, and to bring our communities together during this difficult time.”

THICK! fog at Junction

Popping out of the fog at Juniper.

Beautiful blue sky with a carpet of clouds above 3000 ft.

"White leg-warmer lady" is a Saturday morning regular.

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