Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Where's DiabloScott?

He's home recovering from a Grand Mal Seizure and a compression fracture of a vertebrae.

First time for either, and I never thought that would happen and no idea why it did.  I feel pretty normal except my back gets sore and tired all the time... so save the PITY for somebody else.  Had a couple dozen scans and lab tests in the hospital and they all say I'm a healthy old bugger. I wear a back brace and walk with the help of a walker and I can't lift things heavier than my cat.

The epic mustache is a COVID lockdown novelty, but it's growing on me.

Over the next couple weeks I'll be weaning myself off of the pain pills. I estimate I'll be riding my commute bike around the neighborhood by June 18 (that'll be four weeks post seizure); and my next  ride up Diablo will be before the first of July.  I have no idea if that's realistic but I needed to make a plan.

And if anybody were to offer to mow my lawn... well, I'd accept your offer.


Mike said...

Holy crap! Keep getting better and we'll see you soon! The road will still be there when you are ready.

Pumpkin Jay said...

Scott--Good luck to your speedy and full recovery. Best Pumpkin J

AZWildcat said...

Wow Diablo Scott. Best of luck in your recovery - I will pray for you getting back on the mountain.

Curtis Corlew said...

So sorry you are hurting. That totally sucks. I know your mountain will miss you. Hoping you can make your before July date. Heal well.

Lanceoldstrong said...

So sorry, get well. I sent you an email about cutting your grass