Saturday, September 05, 2020

2020 SMR 27

 Heat wave is HERE. 

Fractured vertebrae recovery index... 9.5.  Still kind of achy, but didn't slow me down.

Tarantula Tally: ZERO.  Folks been seein'm though.

North Gate went normal - except there was the smell of something dead around Big Shady Oak... didn't see anything but I suspect it was a rat the size of a horse, decomposing in the sun, behind a rock or something.

Diablo Shoutouts to regulars Jim, Kasters, Steve, Bharat. There were also a higher than usual number of newbs who were stopped in places that newbs stop at because they weren't ready for RIDING THEIR BIKE UP A MOUNTAIN.

There was also some guy in a bright blue dune buggy - kind of odd, but he was driving safely.

Things were pretty quiet at Summit, people seemed to just be conscious of how hot it was going to get and just wanted a little break before turning around and facing the rest of the day.




Monrezee said...

Always cool to see the man of the mountain and snag a pic. Thanks Scott.

dsJonas96 said...

Just read a couple entries of yours back in 2012 about the relevance of seat stay bridges. Do your findings still stand today? I'm planning to clear a few mm from my seat stay bridge to make way for a wider tire. Frame is a Giant XTC 2011

Diablo Scott said...

Well yeah, I stand by everything I wrote... but that was for a steel frame with caliper brakes that I turned into a fixie without a rear brake. Since then there have been a LOT of disc bike frames built without seatstay bridges, so REDEMPTION!

I'm not sure what your configuration is but if it's a disc bike frame the seat stay bridge is almost certainly not doing anything WHEN you have a wheel in there. Email me if you want to share photos or something.