Sunday, January 17, 2021

Where's Scott Been? - 2021

 Esteemed blog readers.

I have injured myself again. Not cycling related, but I broke my kneecap.

Part of my non-cycling life involves investigating mechanical stuff that is involved in insurance claims and lawsuits and last Monday I was investigating one of these (not the actual one)

It was parked at a rental lot surrounded by a bunch of other equipment and in my inspection I tripped over one of those forklift blades and landed on my kneecap. I knew right away it was a hard fall, but I didn't think I broke anything until Tuesday when I went in for an X-ray - actual X-rays below:

And here's the imaging report.
Effusion means swelling, and I certainly have plenty of that.
Comminuted means the pieces are separated... that can't be good.

So all riding is on hold for a while. Cycling challenges and Strava trophies and other weekend athlete objectives will be modified... don't know when. Hoping for an orthopedist appointment this week for a prognosis. Apparently sometimes they have to screw the parts back together or take out the loose pieces with surgery.

Anybody with a good patella fracture story, please tell it in the comments.
I don't want no pity though.


Mike said...

Bummer dude!
I broke one of mine back in the 80’s.
Was taking a motorcycle off a trailer, stepped down to the street level with one leg.
The other foot was up on the trailer still and when it bent, it sent my knee right into the edge of the ramp. It was metal and shaped as a u.

Then in the late 90’s , the family decided on a whim to ice skate in downtown San Francisco. I was playing hockey on a regular basis at that time. Rented their figure skates (with toe picks) and stepped out on to the ice. A couple of strides later I caught a toe and went flying across the ice on my hands and knees. Broke both in that one.

Monrezee said...

Dang Scott. That sucks. Very sorry to hear you are on the IR. Heal quick.

Unknown said...

@Diablo Scott
You definitely have my sympathies! Good luck with the surgery. Getting older & more brittle sucks ;-) Fortunately that's one of the bones/joints I've avoided problems with... I'm hoping to just get my pelvis to heal well and then try to keep rubber-side down better in the future!
Heal fast-
Scott Shannon

Bharat said...

Agree, heal fast. You are the strongest person I know. Keep us updated. I do not have a patella story, and hope never to have one.

Curtis Corlew said...

What a drag. I hope you heal up well and can get back to doing fun stuff. You've suffered enough with your various injuries. It's time for only good luck from now on.

Diablo Scott said...

New rule - bad luck comes in TWOS... that's enough of this.