Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gate Junction School Summit Gate

Got an early start up North Gate but punctured at the bottom of the Bump. Actually I think the little tread cut in my rear is deeper than I thought and the tube found a way through... probably time to ditch this guy.

Finally had the opportunity to use the Park tire boot I've been packing for five years - worked great but it feels like I'm riding over an endless series of tiny rumblestrips now.

Passed right through Junction and on down South Gate where I got another rear flat on that crappy section of MDSB... jeez it's bad in there. Then from the school I started up again on a non-stop trip to the Summit; there was a group there doing a sort of handicapped ride so I slotted in but I was alone most of the way. Can't blame STP any more but my legs were complaining the last couple miles and I cramped up pretty bad on the Wall.


Rick said...


This blog sounds suspiciously like you are training for the Challenge. Case in point, "a non-stop trip to the summit" Are you?? Huh, huh?

Anonymous said...


For boots, I carry a 3" or 4" long piece of (worn out) tire with the beads cut off (folding tires can be cut with scissors). I put a "boot" around each spare tube in my seat bag and hold it in place with a "rubber band" cut from a piece of mtb inner tube. Price = free. Supply = endless.


Diablo Scott said...

Are you?? Huh, huh?

Nupe. I like being the volunteer.