Wednesday, May 05, 2010

2010 WNR 01

I'll have six more months of this weather please!

Mark H was coming but late, so I soloed to Junction. Passed em-passed me ratio was zero to a bunch. Felt good though, no cramp remnants and HCT seems back to normal.

Bugs were pretty bad at Junction - a couple even flew up my nose.

Found Mark coming up so I turned around and re-Junctioned with him.


Curtis Corlew said...

Is that Mark in the white and red Italian jersey? My daughter just got home from study abroad in Florence and brought me that same jersey. I thought I had something no one else would have around here. Check my blog on my new bike, last photo is that darn jersey, which I LOVE.

Diablo Scott said...

No, I don't know who this is. I read your blog about the jersey and then I saw this guy wearing the same one and thought "what are the odds?" so I took his photo just for you.