Saturday, May 15, 2010

Solar Recumbulators and Broken Cleats

Couldn't convince these horses to look up for a photo.

Saw this trailer with two solar powered vehicles on it at the Gate. Looks like combination human and motor power to the front two wheels, steering from the rear. Guy said he was from "sendei?" motors and these were prototypes and they were going to be shooting video today.

Got another close-up at Livermore Overlook where they had parked.

Not too practical, but a tinkerer's dream.
Wildlife Encounter: black eared jackrabbit near Arroyo
So I was a little early and had a head start, JB and Peter rolled in to the Junction after I'd been there a while.
Then I went on up Summit Road, and got a little ways past Juniper and stopped to take some photos from this cool angle:

Then I tried to go up farther but somehow managed to break my cleat. Made for a long, uncomfortable, cautious descent, and sketchy ride home.

I'd been looking for a good reason to put on the new ones I bought a few months ago anyway... looks like I waited one ride too long.

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