Saturday, May 08, 2010


I gave Levi Leipheimer a HammerGel as he went by, and he yelled "HEY, Diablo Scott!...
JB and Peter were just leaving as I got to the Gate about 8:03. JB's been sick so I thought I could keep up with him... not quite.

Mark H had started up early... he's getting fast enough he doesn't need to do that anymore. We didn't see him until Junction.

We all split up at Junction, I went down the South Side to the Tire Poppers and turned around to re-Junction.

Stopped for a Spy Cam session on the way down. Caught these riders in the act of enjoying the Mountain.


On the way down North Gate Road there were at least 50 riders coming up... I don't think I've ever seen more riders on the Mountain other than the Diablo Challenge. We rule!


Curtis Corlew said...

Maybe it's wrong, but I love the Diablo Spy Cam ™

Diablo Scott said...


I'm going to add "SPY CAM" as a tag for easier searching.

Curtis Corlew said...

So, there in my RSS feed I read "I gave Levi Leipheimer a HammerGel as he went by, and he yelled "HEY, Diablo Scott!..." and so I go to this page and search for "levi" and there he kind of was... hidden. What's up with that?

Diablo Scott said...

Weird! It's almost like someone is putting fun hidden secret messages in the first line of my posts instead of the boring "I felt slow today" stuff that usually shows up in those sidebar links on other people's blogs.