Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ATOC Stage 3 @ Bonny Doon

Today, Rick and I went to watch the Tour of California come over Bonny Doon. I predicted this would be a strategic spot in the race so we would get to see some good action.

We parked at Rick's FIL's house in Boulder Creek and went up the back side of the hills to get to the race route. We took Jamison Creek Road which is one of the toughest things I've ever climbed. I had to stop about 5 times to catch my breath and slow down my heart. Here's an elevation chart comparing it to North Gate Road.

Then, Rick broke his pedal! The pedal body came off the spindle and wouldn't stay on so he was able to sort of keep it together with his foot but he essentially rode up Jamison one legged... truly impressive!

Product Review: Look Keo Pedals... see for yourself.

We got to the KOM site pretty early and staked out a good spot.

We saw the guy inflating this gorilla and were a little concerned that he would hit the power lines but he was a real pro.

And it was too good of a photo op to bypass.


The ATOC site is full of pleadings not to paint the road.

This guy said it was just chalk... does chalk come in a spray can?

They also had a souvenier store at the summit... didn't seem to be doing much business.

This kid and his family though were really raking it in. Their house was right on the route. Bagel - $1, Water - $1.50; my contribution to the entreprenurial spirit.

Better get some more photos before it gets crowded.

And then some fast exciting racing happened!

OOhh, captured a superstar.

The ubiquitous Elk Man.

He was quite the celebrity.
Screen shot of Versus coverage - that's me and Rick holding the California Republic flag on the left.

My closeup and moment in history.

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Keith said...

Cool that you got to see the race. I have broken Look pedals twice before. I think it means we are hard men.