Saturday, March 03, 2018

2018 SMR 08

Checking the weather report yesterday and I was only about 25% confident that today's ride would happen.  Forecast for THUNDERSTORMS at 8 am.  I like riding in the rain so long as it's safe and not miserable... but I ain't risking a lightning strike for a Saturday Morning Ride.  But on the dog walk this morning it actually looked pretty nice - lots of clear sky with just a  little patch of menacing dark cloud over that way.  I packed my rain jacket because that was just common sense

I stopped to put my rain jacket on half way to The Gate.... still not too bad but a good drizzle. 

Rock slide below The Bump - there was already a ranger there but he needed to call in the bobcat to move some of the bigger ones.

Very few riders on The Mountain this morning - a few of the regulars of course.  By the time we started up Summit Road there were a lot of cars coming up - probably to play in the snow.

At Juniper, we got stopped - the rest of the road up was closed for icy conditions... although they let a news van up with a ranger escort because getting Mount Diablo State Park in the news is worth risking lives and property.

Note rolled up rain jacket in bottle cage... old school.

This would be the end of the blue skies. 

Blizzard conditions, very hazardous. 
A buddy from work crashed here last week.  How embarrassing to crash right after the flashing "SLOW DOWN" sign.

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