Saturday, March 24, 2018

2018 SMR 11

Forecast was for rain later today - I thought "Perfect opportunity for a Saturday Morning Summit."  Didn't bring my raincoat (story foreshadow).  JB was a no-show so I put up the rock again and got to business.

Happy Spring!  It was very pleasant up to Junction.  I took off my gloves and unzipped my jersey and windbreaker.  Hardly saw any other riders though - it was really quiet and peaceful... and dry.

Ate my ClifBar Blueberry Crisp at Junction and half expected to see JB ride in... didn't happen.  I told myself it would be OK to skip The Summit today, but myself didn't believe it.  Above Junction it was in and out of fog - bits of sunshine around one turn and light drizzle around the next...I was loving it and admired my sense of conviction... but zipped up my jersey.  Above The Elbow it started to lightly snow and I pitied the fair-weather pansies who didn't ride today and missed this experience.

At Summit I put on my gloves and started down... but the weather front had moved in and it was now drizzling heavily - had to take off my sunglasses to see and my hands were wet and cold and I was losing feeling in my fingers... braking constantly because the road was wet and visibility was low.

I stopped at Junction to shake some life back into my hands and hoped someone would be there to acknowledge the epicacity of my ride... and there was Jeff.  Jeff had a 1991 Eddy Merckx Team Issue Motorola bike and we did a little bike-bro bonding and took some photos.

Below Junction, the sun came out again and it wasn't warm but it was less life-threatening... there were a few more riders coming up.  I put my glasses back on.  There was a hot cup of Earl Grey that needed to be brewed back home.

Yeah, bright and sunny! 
Less bright, less sunny.

That's the sun at the top of the photo.

Hey!  Another smiling life form!

Nancys quit here.

Dude,cool Merckx.

Jeff, Eddy Merckx and banana jersey. 
Yes, snow.

More snow.

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