Saturday, March 31, 2018

2018 SMR 12

Well, quite a different ride from last week.  Warm and dry and very busy with all kinds of people enjoying The Mountain.

Colin and JB both decided to come too, and we all made The Summit.

I decided a good time to switch from my winter bike to my summer bike would be after Paris-Roubaix.  That means two more Saturday Morning Rides on my sweet Belgian steel classic with the new custom tubular wheelset and 27mm sewups before switching over to my sweet American aluminum classic with the custom clincher wheelset and Dura Ace 10-speed group.  My bike was still really dirty from last week's ride... my fingers got black just from pumping up the tires... so note to self:  hand wash and detail before putting him back on the hooks for the season.

Past Junction I started to get that niggling knee thing - the pain that usually goes away after about 10 minutes... it mostly did.  Then past The Elbow I started to feel a hamstring cramp come on but managed to hold it off until I made The Summit.

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