Wednesday, March 28, 2018

BONUS POST: Bike Room at Pleasant Hill BART

Had the opportunity to use the new BikeHub at Pleasant Hill BART this week.
It's a secure parking facility with a little bike shop inside.
You need to already have a BikeLink card, 
And you have to "authorize" your card at the station.  I did this last week one evening - I just entered the lobby, inserted my card, and talked to an attendant somewhere through the intercom thing.  She could read my name from the card, and then I had to hold my driver's license up to the camera so they could link my ID to my BikeLink... and then I was legit.

You're also supposed to have either the BikeLink stickers or temporary tags (available at the station) attached to your bike so they know whose it is.  I got my stickers in the mail on Monday so I didn't look for the "hang tags".

Shop straight ahead, lock room to the left.

The "shop" is open from 7 to 11am, and has this security curtain shut after that.

I chose a spot in the back... and a floor-level rack.

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