Sunday, June 24, 2018

2018 SMR 24

Forecast was for very hot, but not until 11am, so I figured quickie Summit and home before it gets oppressive.  But I didn't figure on the wind... holy hell it was bad... strong and dry.  Weeds and grasses were blowing across the road all the way up - it was easy to see how a fire might get started and spread quickly.  Also heard some of the trees groaning and imagined what it would be like to have a 1,000 pound branch fall on me.

At Diablo Ranch, there was a sign announcing a wedding event.  I bet that couple never thought they'd have miserable weather conditions when they made the reservation.

At Junction I joked "I reserve the right to re-evaluate my Summit decision when we get to Juniper... and when we got there JB said he had had enough but I stayed to ... evaluate.  Just when I decided to go up, I got hit with a huge gust of wind and decided to change my mind.

Roadkill Report:  baby rattler below Diablo Ranch.  I ran right over the top of him before I noticed... good thing he was already dead.

For as windy as it was, it was also crowded - lots and lots of riders, lots of them training for the Death Ride.

Here, JB is down in an aero tuck to slice through the punishing headwind.

Saturday Morning Regular Kasters... AKA Sandal Guy

Cal Jersey Autoblog

There were a bunch of these riders with green cat jerseys today... obviously connected some way but no club identification.

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