Wednesday, June 13, 2018

2018 WNR 08

Well I did NOT do well in the heat this afternoon.  I was actually looking forward to my first hot WNR, but I just felt drained the whole way up - like it was everything I could do just to keep the pedals going around.  I concluded that I ate too much lunch and didn't drink enough water.

No one showed up at The Church, so I was alone too. 

Roadkill Report: a vulture eating a squirrel or something.  The road was so hot the squirrel was barbecued.

Passed'em-Passed'me ratio:  0-4  not a lot of folks riding in this heat.

32°C at Junction... seemed hotter than that though.

These were the first two to pass me - they were smooth.

These were the second two to pass me - Cal Jersey Autoblog

Turns out the first two and the second two were part of the same group.  The tall guy in the orange jersey was Dutch, and I impressed him with a half-dozen Dutch phrases from my repertoire.  They were talking about work, which sounded like a refinery.

At The Junction JB rode up - I wasn't expecting him.  He said Charlie was coming too, so I waited a bit and then we exchanged stories about heat before going down.

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