Wednesday, May 08, 2019

2019 WNR 09

Well after a hard ride last Wednesday, I thought I'd be more social tonight.  Shawn did Grizzly Peak on Sunday so he was still recovering.  Justin is getting over some serious allergies.  Joey got a new road bike and he's mostly a mountain biker.  And Kathryn came but wasn't planning on a suffer ride.

Wildlife Encounter:  a snake with a post-meal belly bulge...about the size of a mouse.

So I rode with Shawn and we put some time in front of everybody else but it really wasn't too fast, and then Colin caught us and he said he was on PB pace so I went with him for the last three miles and motivated him by going faster every time he slowed down a little bit.  At Junction he said he beat his best time by a minute!  We agreed to go for a Sub-40 attempt together one of these days... but that'll really hurt and I'm not at all sure I've got it... but it'll be worth the effort.

DiabloShoutout to Punkin Jay, who is not doing the Davis Double, but made it to Toyon tonight.

Colin on his way to a PB.  Jay on his way to Toyon.



Another WNR in the bag.

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