Wednesday, May 22, 2019

2019 WNR 10

JB's still in Hawai'i, but Charlie is back from Hawai'i and he put the call out and we got a good group!  Me, Charlie, Justin, Kathryn, and Shawn.

Justin and Shawn were challenging and pushing each other so we kind of left Charlie and Kathryn behind.  I rode in the front and the pace was a little slower than I would normally have gone but I was enjoying the social element so I had fun riding out of the saddle in big gears and slow cadence.  I didn't do any research but I opined that this was good training for muscular strength and didn't do much for aerobic improvement.  A couple times I did a little acceleration in my big gear and was satisfied to see that it worked.

Then with 1 mile to go I went full-gas and tied my best ever Split 6 Segment  on Strava.  Almost 10,000 people are slower than me!

2510 / 12398

Wildlife Encounter:  Two baby deers on The Approach (ridiculously cute), and one big buck on the hillside above The Bump.

Guy with a Triple Bypass jersey passed us here.

This guy had special shorts with a semi-transparent panel that showed everybody how muscular his buns were.

Big Buck!

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