Wednesday, June 05, 2019

2019 WNR 12

First really warm Wednesday Night Ride of the year.  We've had a mini-heat wave that ends tonight.  The kind of heat that makes you bring water bottles with lots of ice and wear your sleeveless jersey... not the kind of heat that makes you think about not doing the Wednesday Night Ride.

I got there early enough to do some warm up riding to soften up my legs.  Wasn't sure who would be coming.  Didn't have enough time to do a Double Junction like last week, so I figured I'd ride until 5:05 and then head back to The Church.  Then I had the idea of doing repeats up The Bump until it was time to turn around, that was fun, did three repeats, but then I encountered JB coming up on his folder so I rode with him until turnaround time.  He said something about a basketball game he wanted to watch.

Back to the truck and only Shawn came.  He's been having an issue with his disc brakes and I didn't know how to help him, so he rode with a little rubbing.  Then Colin caught us near The Ranches and then we had a little sprint to Junction.

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