Saturday, June 29, 2019

2019 SMR 20

Diablo Wife and I went on a sunset kayak voyage last night, so I was dragging this morning.

JB said he was pretty sure he was going to get his Della Santa fixed, but hadn't made any progress on it.  Also said he'd be in Iowa for the next two Saturday Morning Rides, so I will be solo.  He also hadn't found a water bottle to replace the one that got smushed... so he was using a stainless steel thing.

Wildlife Enoucnter:  two deer, flock of turkeys.

Lots of riders on The Mountain - at least a few looked like Death Ride hopefuls.  Also saw a bunch of folks on Sports Basement rental bikes.

JB has an old school sensibility about bicycle design... this nuvo styling rubbed him the wrong way.

Not many things sadder than a roadside memorial.  I saw the aftermath of this tragedy after last week's SMR... car vs moto.

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