Saturday, September 07, 2019

2019 SMR 28

After a hot couple weeks, I was surprised to find TORNADO weather this morning!  I opted not to bring a jacket or arm warmers though, because it's still summer after all.

JB announced that he was only in for a Junction ride today.  Also, Ed Litton told him probably two more weeks for his frame repair.  The decals and the replacement tube are in though, so it's just a matter of finishing other stuff first.

Kind of windy for the first few miles, then it got foggy.  Above Junction it got cold and the fog was so thick that visibility was a problem.  There was a real sense of camaraderie with everyone I saw - we all smiled and acknowledged that we're in the same club of riders that don't let a little cold fog keep us away.

Where are we... Kansas?

Visibility = just enough.

Going slow enough to selfize a photo for my fans.

Sun never really came out, but the fog cleared up some.

How can you not love this view?

I'm pretty sure I would've recognized this rider if I could see.

This guy passed me before The Dips, and then slowed down... newb move.

I'm guessing these guys didn't stay in formation for the whole Mountain.

Fog condensation on my arm hairs... one of life's simple pleasures.


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