Wednesday, September 11, 2019

2019 WNR 26

Didn't have time to do a double today.  I drove to The Church and saw Shawn and Kathryn getting off the trail on to Bancroft and gave them a friendly honk.  Kathryn has been trying out different saddles, so far none is right but she's getting closer.  I rode with her for a while and chatted as everyone else rode ahead.  She encouraged me to drop her so I said I would do a Segment PR attempt at Split 3 - The Bump.  This was totally unplanned but I figured "what the hell?"  I think I remembered that I was pretty close to Kevin's 1st place in the BC Climbers group the last time I tried, so I stood a decent chance of doing it - weather was good, got a new chain on, wearing my favorite Tom Boonen jersey.

So I released my inner Kraken and burned through the segment, passing Charlie and Shawn and JB.  Seemed like a good effort, and JB and Shawn passed me back during my recovery.

Didn't find out for sure until I uploaded Strava but YES!  Almost a minute better than Colin too - he's going to get annoyed with me.

Shawn knew some of the other folks at Junction and we all swapped stories about equipment and weather and bugs and other riders we know.

Everybody saw tarantulas except me.

Charlie and I agreed maybe we can reschedule the Wednesday rides for early afternoon once Daylight Wasting Time begins - probably be just me and him and that'd be fine.  He was already thinking about fenders on his bike.

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