Saturday, September 14, 2019

2019 SMR 29

This will probably be the last weekend that's really warm.  Word is to expect RAIN on Monday. I'm thinking through the process of switching to my winter bike, and I'm looking forward to it.

Wildlife Encounter:  one deer at the approach; and the biggest flock of turkeys I've ever seen, at the Lower Ranch.

DiabloShoutouts to:  Linda K (twice!), Samer, Kasters, and Nancy.

JB had a couple mechanical issues with his folding bike - got them figured out but he's really missing his road bike.

Lots of activity on The Mountain today - maybe folks training for The Diablo Challenge... only FOUR weeks away.

Taking a photo of your bike in front of this sign is an indication you're an out of towner - WELCOME!

Out of towner passed us like a boss a few minutes later.

There were Spare The Air alerts earlier this week, but the air was good today.

Linda K FlyBy#1

This guy also passed me like a boss ... on The Wall.

Linda K FlyBy#2

Cal Jersey Autoblog

Nancy always has a smile and wave for me.

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