Saturday, February 22, 2020

2020 SMR 07

JB is back from Iowa, where he reports he drank too much Busch Lite and did a lot of sitting on his butt with out of shape relatives.

It was just a wee bit chilly at 07:30 but warmed up nicely by The Ranches.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys at the Ranger House.

Talked to some nice guys at Junction about old bikes and such.  One guy told me he once had a top end Colnago that had been stolen from his garage years ago and he missed having a classic bike.

Dramatic Sunrise over Diabolical Mountain.

JB told this rider to slow down and enjoy the day.  He's such a geezer.


This guy gets the DiabloScott award for DUCT TAPE ON HIS SHOES!!!

This new fence is presumably part of the Border Wall misplaced due to a Trump Sharpie mark on the map of North America. 

These yellow flowers are spreading all over The Mountain like Corona Virus on a cruise ship.

Special Addendum:  Blog-Reader Deadhead Mike is signed up for RAGBRAI this year, so I dug out some old photos of when I did it in 1988... so he can properly prepare.  I only had one of those cardboard disposable cameras so the picture quality is pretty bad.  Also, I just scanned the prints after having  been in a paper sack for 32 years.
Here is everybody dunking their tires in the Missouri River at the start of Day 1 in Sioux City.
Here is ME dunking my tires in the Missouri River in front of the Sioux City TV station camera person.  I *think* I made the news.

This is the campground at Sioux City.

They called this "Mount RAGBRAI", a pile of old bikes in the middle of the street with a stage that you could pose on at the top.  I think this was in Fairfield, Iowa.

Best place for porta-potties is in front of the grain silos.  Long lines were part of the experience.


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