Saturday, March 07, 2020

2020 SMR 09

JB texted that he had quarantined himself in his home, so it was a solo ride today.

Weather report said "showers"... they were right again. Got pretty heavy at times.

Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a tough old bird.  If anybody needs a birthday gift idea - size M.   Tough Old Bird

Hardly anybody on The Mountain - the PG&E crew was doing their thing at Junction.  Saw a few riders but my Strava Flyby list was really short.

My Garmin crapped out three times before it died completely - I finished up with the phone app so most of the miles count.

Since the Strava pieces were split up, I wouldn't have a NG-Summit split, and it was wet, and I was cold, and there was nobody to notice... so I figured I would be totally justified in stopping at the Lower Lot and not doing The Wall... except TOUGH OLD BIRDS do not make excuses - so I didn't even stop for my usual HammerGel at the bottom.

I stopped on the way down at Junction to warm up my fingers a bit, but that was the only concession. And I totally deserved that nap when I got home.

LeMond Lady passed me after The Dips, but she turned around about Mile 2.

This runner called out "we're crazy!"

WARNING - but no idea of what.

At Muir, I stopped to start the Strava app on my phone... might as well whiz while I was there.

My breath wasn't warm enough to thaw my fingers.

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