Sunday, March 29, 2020

2020 SMR 11 (*)

(*) Rain day makeup ride. Actual ride date = Sunday.

Saturday's weather wasn't horrible, but there were no breaks in the light rain predicted for the whole day... me 'n JB mutually agreed to cancel. But The Park is CLOSED to cars for pandemic reasons, so it would've been some good ridin'.

Enter TODAY - not exactly sunny but mostly clear so I went for a solo ride about noon.

There was a group of folks walking miniature horses at The Circle... photo below.

There was nobody at Junction to talk to, so I kept going to Juniper without a stop.  Saw about 20 cyclists, almost all of them riding solo.  Saw three cars, all on their way out, and one was a ranger vehicle.

After last week's ride and the sew-up swap-out, I put my clincher wheels on and they performed OK, but the rims are a little worn so the braking was a little grabby.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer... group of one.

Everybody including the hikers waved amicably, and you could see in their faces that we're all dealing with the same COVID worries... well, some maybe more than others.  Nobody in my circle of friends and family has been personally affected... yet.  The thought of how a hospital visit now would be 19 times worse than a regular hospital visit was constantly on my mind, so I took zero risks.

After I got home, I did a marathon innertube patching session.  Six tubes had been collected, two were unpatchable, one failed and I gave up, and three were successes.

The rare "triple decker" patch.  Possibly not as rare as the triple decker patch that actually works.

This guy passed me so fast I had to check the video to see if he had a motor.

Watching for reckless cyclists I presume.

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