Wednesday, March 25, 2020

2020 WNR 09

Well the Winter Wednesday Junction riders tried to get something going for 2:30, and we all needed a ride to get our minds off of COVID and our bodies out of lock-down.  But the weather (wind and rain) was dicey so two of us including I cancelled, one was committed, and one did a different ride.

Then 3 o'clock rolled around and I re-evaluated and the weather looked better so I changed my mind and got to The Gate at 3:30 for a solo ride.  Pressed up my tires, and saw this:

Yeah, I thought, "This'll be the last ride on these tires. I sure got good use out of this pair though, and I really like them."

The weather got a lot better, but still a little windy and cold.  Saw lots of riders and all but two of them were riding solo.

At Junction I realized my rear tire had gone soft.  I figured I could pump it up and make it home without changing it.  Also, I noticed The Park had taken away the bike rack and the bench in front of the entrance door to the Ranger Station.  Probably some kind of social distancing precaution.

Started feeling a little squirmy toward the bottom of The Mountain. Had to stop just outside The Gate to pump up again.

Then I had to stop again at the Fire Station... even though I was only a few miles from home, I decided to put on my spare.  Then I put on my clincher wheels when I got home because I don't want to put my new sew-ups on with only a few weeks left (hopefully) on the winter bike.

Passed me like a bullet train - rainbow trim on his sleeves... must be Metcalf!

Bench and bike rack... GONE!

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