Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2020 WNR 08

Corona Virus Cycling Chronicles:
Went in to work Monday and the boss said "no working from the office".
Tuesday the local government said "no going outside your house"... "except for essential stuff like buying medicine, and getting outdoor exercise".  So I went for an urban bike ride around Walnut Creek just to get a perspective on the reality of the lock-down.  Traffic was about 5% of what it would normally be - so I took the whole lane on major streets that I'd never ride on... and I rolled right through red lights at minor intersections because there were no cars to wait for.  The stores mostly had the same sign posted saying they were closed for lock-down. The restaurants were either closed or signed "open for take-out".  It was eerie.  Lots of people out walking around though, taking advantage of the exemption for outdoor exercise.

Red Light?  Means nothing during an apocalypse.

Wednesday comes and the Wednesday Night Riders start sending out text messages to gauge interest in a ride and there was some.  I missed last Wed for a medical appointment, and I missed Saturday for bad weather, so I was mentally primed, but physically not at my best.

The Park was open, but not the camp grounds or visitor centers.  There was a good number of riders, mostly solo, enjoying their rides. JB was fighting off some kind of sickness and didn't make it to Junction.  The rest of us made jokes about keeping our distance from each other, but we didn't really find any humor in the current situation.

Then I got rained on a little on the way home.

JB Called it QUITS before The Bump

This guy was SMOOOOOTH


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