Saturday, October 10, 2020

2020 SMR 31

 Air quality was best in MONTHS! It was also kind of cool and humid, which was kind of weird and felt a little clammy.

Wildlife Encounter: Two deers near Junction, flock of turkeys on The Approach.

Tarantula Tally: ONE near Muir. First one I've seen this season, and I wouldn't have seen it if another rider hadn't stopped to watch and point him out to me.

More riders than I've seen in a long time too - bike riders all over the place. Lots of them seemed like this was their first time... taking lots of selfies, etc.

Seizure recovery update:  I'm probably as close to 100% as I'm going to get. My back doesn't feel like it did before I fractured T12, but it doesn't bother me too much. Still don't have my driver's license back. I have a phone exam with DMV next month, they appear to be backed up and slow; I'm not expecting any problems, but I've stopped being optimistic. I'm doing fine with not driving, but I do miss having the option available.

Who knew arm warmers had a left and right?

Tarantula spotter

Watch out for these guys!

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