Sunday, October 18, 2020

2020 SMR 32*

 *Sunday morning make up ride.

The Mountain was closed for high fire danger on Friday, looked like it would stay closed on Saturday too, checked Saturday morning and the message still said closed, so I did some bike maintenance and hoped for a Sunday ride.  Found out later that they opened up The Park at about 10am on Saturday.

Anyway, this worked out great, except JB couldn't come. I started a little later and it was good and warm and Diablo was a popular place to be.

The maintenance I did was on the Eddy Merckx - he got a good cleaning, chain lube, new brake pads on the front, and a little extra glue on the tubulars. Usually I wait until the rainy season starts to bring him out of storage, but he was so pretty it seemed a shame to not let him show off a little before the first sloppy wet ride. Also, I've gotten so used to the thick Cinelli Cork handlebar tape on Mike that the thin Fizik tape on Eddy doesn't feel good at all.

I talked to a guy at Junction who had Ultegra Di2 and caliper brakes under the bottom bracket - he said he hated it; always needed adjusting, firmware update, etc. He'd replaced the front derailleur once, the brake/shifters once, and the rear derailleur twice. He also said the shop had to take off his crank just to adjust the rear brakes... yeesh!

Roadkill Report: one opossum and one rat.

Cal Jersey Autoblog

Cal Jersey Autoblog

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