Saturday, October 31, 2020

2020 SMR 34

Happy birthday to Local Legend Punkin Jay.

Last Summit of DST - next week we get an extra hour of sunlight to warm things up before 8 at The Gate. 

Wildlife Encounter: RATTLESNAKE near Muir.

I kept thinking I heard deer hoof sounds around me, but maybe it was woodpeckers.

Spare the Air Day, poor visibility but easy breathing.

This big group passed us in The Prologue - we didn't see them again, must have gone down SGR.

It was sunrise all morning.

This guy apologized for taking so long to pass us .. but his backpack was heavy LOL.

This guy's Strava said he crashed on the way down, he looked smoooth when I saw him.

The Summit Visitor Center is now open, but the Wall Barrier is still closed. 
JB cyclo-navigated the bypass perfectly.

Probably the most photographed site on The Mountain.

This dude passed me at Butler Bend like he didn't know the road.

Then he slowed me down the rest of the way out. 
I stayed behind him so he'd know that I knew he'd over-estimated himself.

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