Wednesday, November 11, 2020

2020 WNR 32

 1030am Start time was perfect.

Free admission to Veterans at all State Parks today, so there were more cars than usual.

At Junction Charlie said he could be talked out of an add-on segment. I convinced him to do Juniper with me; he did a new personal best   Д Mt. Diablo Summit Road: Junction to Juniper

This guy's objective of making my blog finally came true!

Charlie almost merged back in too early after this guy with a trailer
passed us safely in the pull-out section below Juniper.

Charlie really wanted to pass these three riders before Juniper to pad his
"passed-em : passed-me" ratio.
I was hoping for a little more sun...
I didn't suffer but would have worn tights if I'd had a better weather report.

Also - note patriotic socks on Veteran's Day

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