Wednesday, November 25, 2020

2020 WNR 33

Beautiful sunny day, a little warm in some spots and a little cold in the shade.

Charlie had candy for breakfast and he pushed it the whole way up. Usually he starts strong and then fades a little, and lately he's been fading later and later and today he didn't fade at all and had his 2nd best time to Junction, and then a best ever time Junction to Juniper.

We talked a little about COVID and other news, but there was more riding than talking. At Junction Ranger Jordan (I think) told us the new rules are masks when you're standing around, so we donned masks and posed for photos. There was a guy there with a custom Waterford we talked to and he said it was custom for a friend of his that got old and quit riding so it wasn't exactly his size but he really liked how it rode. It had English touring handlebars and toeclips, very classy.

There was also a pretty big group doing repeats up Summit Road and I hypothesized they were folks trying to get their million feet of elevation in before the year's over.

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