Wednesday, May 06, 2009

2009 WNR 03

The weather report said showers this afternoon so I brought my foul weather bike to work this morning; still haven't cleaned him up and his chain is in serious need of some new lube and it didn't rain anyway.

Rode up with Ed who's also turning 50 next month and has some epic adventures planned but hasn't been road riding much recently so we stopped a couple times for breathers.

Think I saw a red tail hawk at Upper Washout.

Saw JB coming down at Big Shady Oak, he turned around and rode with us a while before turning back down.

Got a flat near the Ranger House just before Junction - I went 100 miles in the rain on Saturday with no problems and then I puncture on a dry day on the Mountain.

Nice day, not too cool, a few too many bugs.

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