Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 WNR 05

I figured it would be just me today but JB showed up at the Junction after I did. Started about 5:30 so most of the Diablo Cylists passed me at some point on the way up. Wasn't as hot as I was expecting but it was a little windy too.

This guy parked in front of me just as I was starting my ride. He pulled out a mountain bike from the back of his van and I noticed a folded up bike trailer in there as well but didn't give it much thought... we just kind of nodded hello and I left. I wondered about the LIVESTRONG decal - he must be really into it for some reason. On the way down I saw him coming up and he was towing that trailer I saw and he had a small child in there too... now I wonder what his story is.


kid kulaki! said...

hi Scott,
that was me with my daughter, full time babysitter, so i just give it a try. i need resistance trainingn though... about the livestrong decal, i lost my dad to cancer that's why i keep fighting..

Diablo Scott said...

Oh! Thanks for letting me know. Actually I was afraid it was you or your daughter that might have cancer and the thought of that really kind of choked me up.