Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 WNR 06

I was looking forward to the odometer effect on today's ride - putting the 10,000th mile on my Flight Deck and watch it "roll over" to 0000 - turns out though it has no trouble reading that high. I have never had a computer with an odometer that had so many digits. Possibly it will only read a "1" in the 10,000 place... I'll have to do another 9987 miles to find out I guess; maybe it goes to 99,999? I only use this computer on my Klein so that's a nice milestone for the whole bike, not just the computer.

It was pretty hot and I brought two frozen bottles of Cytomax... wasn't hot enough to melt them as fast as I wanted to drink though... must get a better system figured out. Lots of people on the Mountain tonight; I came upon Jeff near Chainbuster and finished going to the Junction with him.

Happened to see an old neighbor up there too, just looking at the wildlife with her son - they had driven up just for the afternoon and were walking along the road.

UPDATE: I checked my Owner's Manual. Sure enough, it's going to be a LOOOOONNNNGG time before I roll this baby over.

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Rick said...

99,999 miles in 30 years seems doable?