Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gate - Junction - Juniper - Summit - Blackhawk - Peet's

So last weekend it was in the high 90's and today it was in the high 50's with cold wind and fog... I thought my tights and jacket were done for the year.

Met Rick at the Gate, no JB or Peter. There were a lot of riders on the Mountain this morning - seemed like a lot were Diablo noobs too because so many of them were stopped at various places along NGR.

So it was really windy at the bottom, then it got really foggy with just a breeze before the Junction and that's where JB showed up and we decided to go up. Then it cleared up really nice about Juniper and started to get warm... JB turned around but Rick's idea was Summit + Blackhawk so I went with that.

My legs were a little rubbery after the Summit but we still had a good run back to WC for a coffee.

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