Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bump de Bump

Cool and breezy this morning. Met JB and Peter at the Gate and launched.

Peter got a new bike; A TREK 2.3. The less aggressive riding position is better for his back and the triple crank is better for his knees.

Scads of riders this morning and I felt pretty good - even tossed down a little sprint at the Junction.

Wildlife Encounter: black tail deer at the bottom of the Bump.

We all went down SGR. JB went on to Blackhawk but Peter and I turned around at the Tire Poppers and climbed back up.

These new markers are a culvert numbering system and don't have anything to do with distance.

Blog reader Nate from Ohio dropped me a note that the "butterfly" I photographed at the Junction a few weeks ago is actually a Ceanothus Silk Moth.

Thanks to absolutely fabulous nature photographer Bill Bouton and his Flickr account for this phenomenal photo.


Wooooo-Hoooooo! Getting close now.

Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic 2009

STP Rider : Diablo Scott

Your STP ride bib number is: 2067

Included with your STP registration, you will be receiving:
Jacket - L
1 Cool Tag

Paid for Packet Mailing? YES
I'm not worried about the mileage or the time, but I'm going to be in some serious pain at ride's end... that's a lot of weakness leaving my body.

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Rick said...

I talked with Ann and she has recruited 3 more for our group! That's 6 sharing turns leading the train - done right you only have to work hard 16.67% of the time!