Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2009 WNR 16

Evil forces collaborated to keep me at work until far too late. Didn't get started until about 6:10. Started up solo thinking I might catch the ClubSport folks so I was riding a good tempo.

Passed-'em : Passed-me ratio = 3:2.

Then I came around Chainbuster and there they all were. One rider had a flat and the others were waiting for her so I stopped too.

She didn't have the kind of natural rhythm you see with folks who've changed more than a handful of tires on the road. Didn't know how to use a CO2, had to think about every step of the process, kept the bike inverted on its handlebars and saddle the whole time, and put the wheel back on the bike before filling up the tire. They did seem to be enjoying the experience and learning as they went so I didn't offer much in the way of instructions.
We all managed to make it to the Junction by 7:30 and by then it was starting to get cold (!) so we didn't stay long.
Also there appeared to be some kind of official dragnet going on. An official park truck asked us if we had seen a silver sedan drive by and which way it went (up). Then another car with the Parks Superintendent came by very fast, drove through the picnic area just above Junction and then went down SGR. It was almost exciting.

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Flat Tire Party!