Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 WNR 17

Hoohah hot : 98°F.

Started on time but JB was late. I was ahead of the Diablo Cyclists and Mark A passed me with about a 20mph differential in speed on his super-secret prototype Rivendell racing bike (lightweight lugged steel with SRAM, designed with Diablo in mind). Then a few more guys passed me. Then comes #5 Ward and he rubs my face in it and asks if he's "ruining my ratio" - HA! So far I didn't even have a numerator.

Then I passed a guy who started just in front of me so my passed-em/passed-me ratio was 1:11.

Felt pretty good but the blood donation was still a factor - I went anaerobic on the Bump and never really recovered. Then the guy I passed changed places with me again bringing my ratio down to 0:11 (he was a null statistic now).

After the Ranches I was just completely drained but at least it cooled off some.

JB finally showed up at the Junction not feeling much better than I did.

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