Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gate Junction Hole

Leaving home at 7:30 it was already warm.

Blood donation effects are now completely gone - so that's four weeks. I can donate again end of November and probably will.

Half-mast for Senator Kennedy. No wind.

JB was a little late and he caught me at about mile 2.

Pass ratio = 6:2.

Tarantulas are out but I haven't seen one yet.

Big crowd at the Junction.

We went down the south side and through the hole.

Rick passes along this flyer prepared by (I assume) the folks who live between the fence and Diablo Road.

I think most folks take the short cut because the regular access road is in such terrible condition. It would probably be cheaper for the Diablo association to re-pave Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd and re-direct the riders than it would be to put in a gate to keep us out of the shortcut.

Most of the riders I've seen in there are safe and respectful and most of the residents don't seem to mind too much. The landscapers and contractors would appear to be bigger problems than the riders but maybe there are some cyclists who race through and blow stop signs and it doesn't take too many to piss off a lot of residents.

Anyway, there's no reason not to ride nice in there. I'm not sure what prompted this particular flyer but those folks obviously have the means to make it difficult for us if they wanted to.

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