Saturday, August 08, 2009


Started off alone, JB was a few minutes late.

Absolutely beautiful day, cool and clear.

JB caught me near the Lower Ranch, we passed a guy but then he passed us back (I'm calling that a net-zero) and then he and JB pulled ahead of me near Big Shady Oak.

It's been a week since my double red blood donation and I really could feel it today - I went for a little green light sprint on the way out and instantly went anaerobic, my heart was pounding and I got out of breath - same thing happened when I tried a couple intervals on North Gate. It was a little like riding at altitude. Blood folks said my hematocrit was 43 before the donation, I don't know how much it dropped after... I'll ask them to check next time.

Lots of riders at the Junction but I didn't recognize any of them. JB had to go back down so I decided to do the Kiosk.

I buggered up a curb hop on my way home Thursday. Managed to avoid hitting the deck but impaled my leg on the chainring in the process. Chainring was undamaged despite calf muscles of iron.

What's cooler than a chainring tattoo? A chainring SCAR!

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