Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 Diablo Hill Climb Time Trial

There was a fire on the Mountain last night... windy and dry, it was hard to fight. This is what it looked like from my office:

Turned out it was actually on Shell Ridge, so it got close to some residential areas but didn't affect the Park.

Today is the Diablo Hill Climb Time Trial - first rider started at 8 o'clock so I started at 7 with a plan of a quickie Junc Run and then a photo shoot.

Results are posted HERE

Wildlife Encounter: lots of jackrabbits down by Arroyo... I suspect the jackrabbit population and coyote population are inversely related.

Before they had set up the finish line.

Then I scoped out a good place to take pictures... I wanted an interesting background that looked steep. Picked this spot just past the hardest part of the Bump - bonus... a curb to sit on!

I decided the perfect framing would be with the rider's head right about at horizon level, looking up the road sort of toward me. Not everyone cooperated though.

Everyone's favorite legend, Ned Overend... missed first place by 1.5 seconds to local climbing phenom Nathan English who set the new course record of 23m20s. I looked for his photo but I think I trashed it as too blurry.

Chris Phipps, one time champion of the Diablo Challenge. I always like to honor those who bring glory to The Mountain.

I should've picked those weed, they got in the way of a lot of shots and I think my camera was trying to focus on them.

Blog reader Curtis in his first ever licensed race... he found the experience humbling.

Rick's category didn't start until 10:30 and I couldn't stick around that long so I don't have his photo but he did the Mountain proud with a good time.

I got photos of almost everybody who started before 9:30. Rather than post them all, I made a 5 minute low-rez video slideshow... they're all in order so if you see one you want, note the time and I'll be happy to send you the full version (~3MB each). Make a nice comment on the blog and then send me an e-mail request, or you can put your e-mail in the comment but I need your addy to send files.

2010 Diablo Hill Climb Time Trial from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.


Chris Gallagher said...

Great pictures. I love the perspective and the background. I love this mountain. I love to ride up it on a bike and I love to soar above it on my hang glider. I would really like a copy of my picture on 4:51 on the video. I am in a red and white precision bike shop kit. You may recognize my bike forums name cgallagh. Red Rider is at 2:51 and she wants one to. I never noticed anyone taking pictures. I was in to much pain. Thanks
Chris Gallagher

Rand Miller said...

Diablo Scott: Thanks for taking photographs...very few people will believe that I actually CLIMBED a hill without physical evidence. I saw you on the side of the road, and it didn't take much effort to find the pictures here! I'll send you an email in a second.

Dennis Pellissier said...

Thanks for the gift of your photos. I always appreciate the effort put into providing images of our races. Was the first time I climbed Mt Diablo and will definately be back this winter for the views. Also ran into my friend Curtis Corlew who I have not seen since our San Francisco State days in 1975, was great to see him and I am now reading his blogs as well. Would love to have my photo (4:52-53) TMT. Thanks again!

Dennis Pellissier

Paul Carter said...

Thanks for the photos, I'm from the team that promoted the event. We didn't really talk to anyone about photographing the event, so it's great you have some photos to share.

Thanks, (and email on the way...)

Paul Carter