Wednesday, June 09, 2010

2010 WNR 04

Got a late start.

Rode solo.

Passed a few guys and then I saw a Group of 3 that I thought were setting a good pace and I stayed 30 seconds behind them for quite a while. Then one guy threw his chain and they all stopped so I had to come around them. Suddenly the preditor was the prey. Picked it up a click and stayed away from them though.

Kind of windy and I was unmotivated. JB found me on his way down and turned around to warm up again with me, then turned back down again.

Team Wells Fargo was at the Junction including Rick whose heart rate still hasn't come down from his race win Saturday... he filled me in on some more details. Thinks he can break 30 on the hill climb next weekend.

Latest on the Treat Overpass: most of the deck plates are in, the rest will be installed Sat and Sun... could be rideable by the end of the month!

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