Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010 WNR 05

Warmest ride of the year so far, but still pretty nice.

There's a crew working on the washout, they have construction night lights and everything, and the guy told me they were working until dark. They stop all traffic for ten minutes or so whenever they need to have backhoe involvement.

Got lucky on the way up, but had to wait a while on the way down.

I also heard they're working on the private road on the other side of the "Hole in the Fence"... so if you go up or down South Gate you might not be able to use it... can't believe they'd completely close the road though. Somebody write a comment and give me the whole story.

For the last few months, my floor pump has been giving me problems. It's a Joe Blow Sprint and it hasn't been gripping the valve very tight... blows right off when I'm pumping, especially on valves with no threads. I kept tightening down on the cap that holds the grommets in but it didn't help... grommets themselves seem fine too. So I have to hold the head and valve together with one hand and pump with the other... awkward and not very effective.

Grey side for prestas, black side for Schraeders, then twist the yellow thing away from the valve to grab it tight. It's kind of big to go in the wheels of a kid's bike or a Bike Friday but you can make it work.

Then today I noticed this slot in the back side of the head... looks like some kind of plug. And it appeared to be loose, so I screwed it in better and VOILA! No more valve gripping problems. Pain in the butt eliminated.

Found this 1930 photo of The Mountain on today.

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Anonymous said...

The main drag through the the Diablo CC is/was closed yesterday and today (6/16 & 6/17).