Saturday, June 26, 2010


Beautiful weather today; warm at the bottom with a cool breeze. Just warm at higher up.

Roadkill Report: bullfrog and lizard.

Major road work is done and the Upper Washout is repaired. There are still signs and equipment all over though so they must still be doing some additional repairs.

Some kind of supported event going on today. Probably twice as many people on the Mountain as usual.
When we got to Juniper, JB and I decided to do the Hole. Roadwork there is done also and no problem using the shortcut. Seems like kind of a cheap resurfacing though.
Update on the Treat Overpass: all the big pieces are in place, all the cables and most of the hand rail. Can't tell if they have the conrete poured in all the trays. Still need to form the approaches on both sides. Looks like on schedule for early August.

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