Saturday, September 08, 2018

2018 SMR 34

Yesterday was HOT!  Today started off a little cool - I decided on arm warmers.

Got a flu shot on Thursday... felt just the tiniest bit crummy, and my arm is still a little sore.

JB turned around at Junction with too much stuff to do at home.  As I was conjuring my motivation to continue alone... I see ELMAR who arrived a few minutes behind us.  Elmar and I rehashed old times when we both worked for the same company, and then we went UP.

Elmar's been doing short triathlons and he does Diablo for training and he takes BART from Berkeley so he's self-motivated.

Wildlife Encounter:  usual turkeys in the usual place.

Right about here, it occured to me that Elmar's jersey was "sky-blue".

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