Saturday, September 15, 2018

2018 SMR 35

I woke up this morning feeling GREAT!  I was literally dancing around in my boxers with my earbuds in while I made coffee and oatmeal and prepped for my ride.  My greyhound Isaac got a zippy walk and then I was on the road.  It was a little cool, so I went with arm warmers and a wind vest, but no knee warmers.

JB was a little late and I saw a few of the Saturday Morning Regulars start up while I was waiting.  Pretty windy the first few miles and it looked like it was actually raining off in the distance... but nothing was going to spoil my mood.  After the Ranches though it got a bit nicer and sunny and things just kept getting better after that.

At Junction, I was eager to get going ASAP but we did a normal amount of rest-stopping anyway.  By Juniper I could hardly keep the enthusiasm curbed, and by Devil's Elbow I unloaded my full load of exuberance and practically sprinted to The Summit.

All SMRs should feel this good.  And home before 11 to top it off.

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