Wednesday, September 26, 2018

2018 WNR 12

Got out of work a little later than I was expecting and had to sprint the 7.5 miles to get home in time to prep for the Wednesday Night Ride... so I got to The Church a few matches short.  Shawn and Justin were there and we enjoyed a great ride together.

Hot day for early Autumn - I brought two bottles filled with ice and tea and wore my sleeveless jersey and did a lot of sweating... but the sun was already low so it cooled down a lot before Junction.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys
Roadkill Report:  snake
Tarantella tally: one

It was getting dark enough on the descent to make me think this might be the last WNR of the year... and I thought it was a shame that I didn't declare it to be such before we started.  At The Zigzag I saw a coyote sniffing a reflective cycling vest.  Coyote ran away but I brought the vest down to The Gate in case anyone came back to look for it.

Wildlife Encounter:  coyote at The Zigzag

Photo credit:  Shawn

Fast guy on robin's egg blue bike passing me.

Fast guy on robin's egg blue bike documenting how much faster than me he is.

Coyote and reflective cycling vest at Zigzag

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