Wednesday, September 18, 2019

2019 WNR 27

Today's objective:  PRs in BOTH Split 2 and Split 5.  This will give me first place for all 6 Splits in the BC Diablo Climbers club.

Success, of course.  Split 2 on Junction 1, and Split 5 on Junction 2.

Now I just need to get the Gate to Junction PR faster than Colin's and I'll have the whole deck.

Tarantella Tally:  one crawler below The Bump... my first one of the season!

Wildlife Encounter:  Lots of deer - I stopped to watch some younger ones frollicking at Coyote Flats - they were clearly just enjoying life and playing with each other.  Also lots of turkeys.

So just me on Junction 1, and then on Junction 2 Donna and Shawn joined me.  Shawn and I pulled ahead of Donna pretty quickly, and I told Shawn of my goal to PR on Split 5 and then I took off.

There were two loose dogs near the Lower Ranch - probably belonged to the ranchers.

Split 2 is a 1-mile segment that begins at the Park Boundary sign.

Wildlife Encounter:  WOLF!
Split 5 is a 1-mile segment that begins at this culvert marker.

Hey - there's ED!  

Photo Credit: Shawn

When your tires on your fair-weather bike are worn out just as you are thinking about transitioning to your foul-weather bike, you know the season has gone well and things will just keep falling into place.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Kudos on Strava.
Bernie De Jager

Diablo Scott said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment!
And for bringing GLORY to Mount Diablo.